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Register Your App

In order to get started with Spearmint, you'll need to register with your email and choose an app name.

  1. Anything in these docs that is in all caps and marked with square brackets will need to be replaced by you. E.g. [REPLACE_ME]

  2. [API_ORIGIN] corresponds to the Network button below and is auto-filled.

You will be emailed your API key and an activation link.

You will have 2 minutes to activate your app!

  1. App name cannot contain / and must be 32 characters or fewer.

  2. App name will be converted to a slug, e.g. Lachlan's App -> lachlans-app.


await fetch(`[API_ORIGIN]/v1/api/[YOUR_DESIRED_APP_NAME]/register`, {    method: `POST`,    headers: new Headers({ 'Referrer-Policy': `no-referrer` }),    body: JSON.stringify({        email: `[YOUR_EMAIL]`    })})

Be sure to activate your new app via the link in your email before continuing to the next step!